Saturday, December 17, 2005

To blog or not to blog

I'm not sure I understand blogging. I mean, what's the point. Do we really need to read the thoughts and opinions of thousands of nameless people?

I'm not particularly interested in the opinions of people I know, much less strangers.

Lately I've been rethinking my life. Last year was very painful to me. I nearly died and found myself realizing that many of the things I did were really unimportant to me and took time from those things I like. I'm thinking that many of the paradigms for learning, success, happiness, being right, etc. that baby boomers were taught to accept are outmoded.

Take being right. I was consistently at or near the top of my class from Kindergarten through college. I was a debate captain in high school and majored in philosophy in college. Along the way, I developed the attitude, that being "right" and having others recognize and admit that I was right was important. To me, being right was intrinsically valuable.

I don't think that's the case any longer. As I look back, I paid some costs to be right. I've hurt people's feelings to my detriment. I've sometimes isolated myself by my insistence on being right. I'm learning to count the cost. Is it really important that I force my opinions on others? Isn't it better to hear what they have to say? I think a harmonious approach is better than being right. Let's face it, do I really have to correct everyone's grammar?

I'm finding that many argumentative sentences start with "actually."

Is is better to be "right" or to be at peace?

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